Unnatural Disorder

by Atomik Destruktor

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RELEASE DATE: April 2015



LIMITED: 500 Copies

GENRE: Thrash Metal

LABEL: Helldprod Records



released April 30, 2015

Recorded along 2012 and 2014 by Pedro Alves at Grave Studios, Panóias, Braga, Portugal.

Atomik Destruktor is:
Turtle – Vocals
Gibson – Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Pedraça – Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Vocals (backing)
Marco – Bass
Jota – Drums

Recorded, produced and mixed by Pedro Alves
Co-Produced by Gibson and Pedraça
Album cover illustration by Moca (Joao Martins) and design by Flip (Filipe Martins)



all rights reserved


Atomik Destruktor Braga, Portugal

Atomik Destruktor was formed in May 2007, five friends with rage for thrash and rock n’ roll who still to this day have a good time getting high and drunk together.
Right from the start they compose original, aggressive and violent music.
In 2015, they release an album with 8 songs that are pure thrash. Their destruction, intoxication and appetite for thrashing continue.
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Track Name: Atomic Destruction
The world explodes in the answer for peace
The skies are battlefields were soldiers die
The ground destructed where people hide
From the chaos that on earth arrived

Smell of death the reward of war
All nations have lost, Mother Nature lost
A lesson to humans who tried their own genocide
Rich children live, the poor fight to survive

Atomic Destruction
It has just arrived
Atomic Destruction
Prepare to die
Atomic Destruction
Life no more
Atomic Destruction
Destroying the earth

The ice is melting the oceans will rise
Fire everywhere, ashes all over the sky
Starvation, radiation in earth people die
Because religion selfish people sacrifice

Smell of death the reward of war
All nations have lost, Mother Nature lost
A lesson to humans who tried their own genocide
Rich children live, the poor fight to survive

Atoms collapse as the war began
Atomic destruction has returned
Bombs still falling at full speed from the skies
Destroying the cities, destroying our lives
Track Name: Attack of the Virus
System on alert
Security at risk
In the name of the beast

Invasion of the virus
Silent is the strike
This is a chemical fight

Face the invisible death
Breeding diseases by the believers false cause

The attack of the virus

There is no warning
Air intoxication
Flawless assault

Area is contaminated
It’s no longer secure
Run for your lives

Stop this toxic fight
The search for power has no limits to reach the ends

Faith and belief controlling your mind
The will to persuade or to engage every kind
Power of death the final destiny
The never ending war it will always be...
Track Name: Comatose
Lost in the shades, trapped in the void
Of a place where you’ve once been
Cursed with fear you see no light
You are blind of your own will
Need to escape, leave it behind
But the doors never seem to cease
No longer can run, too tired of fun
Death is the smell of the breeze

Breaking the wall with your fist full of blood
Unleashing the fury, the hate that you feel
Digging deeper into your mind
Finding the keys you left behind
All those voices you hear in your head
It's just the truth once unsaid

Mental paranoia tormenting your thoughts
Diseases, dreams and death
Lost in the storm, inside of the eye
Not knowing if you’ll live or die
Intoxicated and poisoned feeling free
World isn’t what you thought to be
Wake up in coma with a haze in your mind
Take a deep breath this was your last call

Memories of the lost and found
Remembering all your battle wounds
Track Name: Unnatural Disorder
Digging the hole to your own grave, don’t you see this terrible mistake
Desperate measures are needed for certain it’s not too late
The planet shield is falling with a major hole growing
The light that keeps us alive will it take us burning?

The waters flooding the land
The sun burning in a way that we cannot stand
Lightning power thrives in our skies
Unnatural disorder taking our lives

Interests speak louder than lives at the great lords command
It can delay evolution for now but forever will not stand
As these battles for power run, the coast is devoured by the sea
The climate has changed and that will consume nature and humanity

Ignorance and uncertainty hang in the air
Unrecognized by many and overstated by others
Unconscious society will leave us in despair
For there will be no final salvation

Power of destruction can be awakened
Endless fury killing thousands
Another civilization will be taken
By the power that no human can handle
Track Name: Phantom City
Run fast before it’s late
Your cells will mutate
For the chemical abuse
There is no time to lose

Nuclear disaster!
Get ready to run
Go to the shelter
Or you will burn
Evacuate the city
Leave it behind
Radiation is destroying
Every human cell

Spreading through the wind
No one can be there now
Empty for years it will be
Waiting for contamination end

Phantom City

Radioactive substances
There are no fences
Last for many decades
Just wait until it fades

No one can go
Back again
It has destroyed your land
Genetic flaws
Kind of diseases
Will last for centuries

Animal skulls everywhere
Reconstruction has to be done
Radiation slowly will go
But the city is simply gone

Phantom City
Track Name: Merciless Squad
With their deadly weapons
They will conquer the lands
No afraid from the rivals
Because their force never ends

Their speech is scary and
You bet, they will break your bones
It’s better to runaway
Or your bodies will be grave stones

Merciless Squad
Was meant to kill
Merciless Squad
Controlling the field
Merciless Squad
Obey his command
Merciless Squad
Run while you can

This is a slaughter squad
No time to joke around
This place is dark and cold
And rotting dead bodies are currently found

The orders are clear
If you disagree you will regret
This is total anarchy
So you may run if you can

Violent and dangerous, elite
Armed to the teeth

Watch out your back, beware
There is no second warning

What scene is this? Evil
There is blood everywhere

They were too far, desolation
No one to tell the story
Track Name: War Machine
Ready to fight
In the day or night
He is a war machine

Trained to kill
He will fulfill
What was commanded for

No questions to ask
Only about his task
No failure is accept

No secrets will reveal
As blood spills
You cannot break him

Fighting for honor, fight, fight till death
Following orders, following till the end

Armed to the teeth
With his belief
Alone can go far

Faster than hell
Aiming you like a spell
Blow your mind off

Wipe, destroy and control
Run, crouch and crawl
Year, month and day
Shoot, kill and obey
Track Name: DxDxD
We are the ones that will beat you down
We don’t respect nothing around
Our minds are sadistic and will ruin your path
Obey to our orders or give your last breath


Alcohol is our master and we have to hear it
Fight with this weapons and start a new conflict
Slaves of this society can’t be tolerated
So fuck the ones who pose and whose rules are faked

Chaos and mayhem
Alcohol, sex and thrash

Drinking while we play drunk songs
Not thinking where you belong
Fuck other styles we just want to play some thrash
Spreading our hatred like a sensation of a crash


We don’t have nothing, nothing more to say
These are our lives, we live it our way
We are here to destroy and spread insanity
Go on live your life by the rules of society

We will drink till get fucking drunk
Bang our heads to heavy metal songs
Tomorrow we will feel the damn hangover
Than we will start all over again